New LGBTQ+ Themed live talk show blazes trails in America with over Half a Million viewers a week!

It’s Happening OUT is America’s Most Popular LIVE Gay Talk Show! Broadcasting live from Wilton Manors (Fort Lauderdale), Florida – only the second city in the nation to elect an ALL GAY city commission. The show talks about the issues that are most affecting the LGBTQ+ community in both serious and light hearted segments Wednesdays at 8 PM EST on Facebook and Youtube!

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Moderator/Gay Culture Guru

"Dude...that was a great JOKE!"

Al Ferguson has been a major contributing member of our LGBTQA+ community world wide for over 20 years! An original sponsor of RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE, this entrepreneur and philanthropist originally made his mark in travel by organizing Drag Cruises around the world as well as the first GAY American Cruise to CUBA. This southern gentleman has his hands full moderating the cast of characters but we have a feeling he is up to the challenge.

Napoleon Plays

Lifestyle Expert

"Thanks For Coming To Play!"

Napoleon Plays is an expert when it comes to play in all of its forms! From video games to climbing trees, and from theater to the leather community, Napoleon Plays approaches any activity in the community with youthful exuberance!


Famous Trans Activist

"I've Spent A Lifetime Forgiving People That Are NOT Sorry!"

Born a biological female, Aaron Phoenix has been through a journey that only few people can imagine. After transitioning into manhood, he later identified as a gender fluid homosexual man. Now, an advocate and role model for the trans community, this "phoenix" is just starting to get HIS flame on!

It’s Happening OUT is America’s Most Popular LIVE Gay Talk Show! The show talks about the issues that are most affecting the LGBTQ+ community in both serious and light hearted segments on our new night WEDNESDAY at 8 PM ET on Facebook and Youtube! The show was created with the idea that it was “just in time” due to the mounting fear in the gay community over Donald Trump and his policies that would do grievous harm to the country and in particular to the rights of LGBTQ+ people who had fought for so long to gain those rights. There is real, palpable dread for the future and It’s Happening OUT is the bridge between that dread and communicating it to the rest of the world.

It’s Happening OUT is also extremely proud of the diversity of our cast and crew! Our hosts are Drag Queen DJ/Diva-Power Infiniti, Trans Activist- Aaron Phoenix, DC Republican Committee Log Cabin Member-Joe Brookman and our Gay Guru HostAl Ferguson. Behind the scenes there is an equal number of rich and diverse backgrounds, making the show as inclusive as any in America!

We PRIDE ourselves and want to to thrive on being unique and ahead of the curve. That is why we made the decision to air every one of our episodes LIVE to a national audience – no do overs or resets, just an hour or more of LIVE production! We also don’t get bogged down by what people might expect a show like this to be about, because there’s never been a show like this! We dive into politics and debate furiously one minute and the next segment we are knocking back drinks in one of our games asking the hosts if they agree with a variety of statements. We also dare to ask the questions like “Can the size be … too big?” and “Do you like your coffee like you like your men?” We are also immensely proud to feature guests with something to say on our show every week! Guests of prominence have included openly gay Pop stars like Cazwell and Ari Gold, world famous Drag Queen & Commedian Varla Jean Merman Vice President of Gray, Mayor of Fort LauderdaleDean Trantalis and Mayor of Wilton Manors-Gary Resnick as well as acclaimed author-Del Shores! As well as the newly elected President of The Log Cabin RepublicansJerri Ann Henry.

It’s Happening OUT is also proud to highlight events and organizations that do so much for the LGBTQ+ community including Sunny.Org, the Wicked Manors Halloween Street Party in Wilton Manors, Pride Fort Lauderdale, and Stonewall Pride Wilton Manors!

Meet Our Cast




Power Infiniti is a force of nature! Born in the Caribbean, Power grew up very conservative and religious. However, in his young adulthood evolved his identity by becoming involved with the BALL World System of South Florida. He worked his way up the ranks to become the MOTHER Of The House Of INFINITI/ Power is not shy about expressing an opinion - especially when someone tries to challenge him.


Log Cabin Republican

"That's Just RUDE!"

Joe Brookman is one of the nicest men you'll ever have the pleasure of having in your life. Having been married and raising children for the majority of his adulthood, Joe just came "OUT" six years ago. This brave man also is a major player among the D.C. Log Cabin Republicans. Although, conservative by the standards of the rest of the hosts on It's Happening OUT, Joe will surprise you with how much we all have in common regardless of what side of the political aisle we reside in.


Reality TV Star/Entrepreneur

"Stay WOKE & Agitated!"

Chef Josie Smith-Malave is a native of South Florida. Coming into Reality Star TV fame through her culinary skills on top rated national shows like TOP CHEF (in which she was a semifinalist in her season), she parlayed her celebrity into her chic new restaurant on South Wilton Drive named "Bubbles & Pearls". Married to the love of her life Marcy Smith, this POWER LESBIAN has it all!
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